Invest in our schools

Jackie is an educator who believes in the transformative power of public education. She will fight for every dollar possible from our state to invest in public education and give every child in the 3rd District the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Jackie will also fight to constrain costs at our UCs and CSUs and keep community college free for every California resident.

Expand access to affordable homes, with a special focus on housing for teachers and nurses

Jackie understands that we are in the middle of an affordable housing crisis, and we need an all of the above strategy to keep people housed while meeting the needs of a growing population. This includes stronger tenant protections, mixed-use development, and incentives for developers to expand the number of affordable housing units built. Jackie is especially focused on making sure that teachers, first responders, and other essential workers have access to affordable workforce housing in the communities that they serve. Housing is a human right.

Treat homelessness like the crisis it is

Jackie doesn’t just talk about homelessness; she provides solutions. Under her leadership as Mayor of Rohnert Park, the city saw a drastic reduction in homelessness through a housing first approach that demanded accountability and results. Jackie supports Governor Newsom’s Project Homekey initiative and will champion its expansion, creating more opportunities for the unhoused to find stable permanent housing with wraparound services to help them rebuild their lives.

Expand access to affordable mental health crisis centers and services

Jackie supports health care for all, and that includes affordable, accessible, and destigmatized mental health care. Jackie supports CalCare and Medicare for All, but she will also embrace every solution that covers more people, lowers prescription drug and premium costs, and improves access to procedures needed to save and improve lives.

Take the threat of climate change seriously and prepare for wildfires and rising sea levels

Jackie will act with urgency to address the climate crisis. Time is ticking, and we need to act with robust investments in clean energy, public transportation, safe and accessible biking, pedestrian, and multi-modal infrastructure, and electric vehicles. Jackie is also committed to human rights, labor rights, and environmental justice up and down the supply chain, ensuring that our transition to a clean energy economy uplifts the human condition here in California and across the globe.

Stand up for working families - be a champion for labor

Jackie is the pro-labor candidate in this election. She organized workers at her place of employment, at risk to her own career, because she understands that EVERY worker deserves the right to organize and collectively bargain for fair wages and benefits. Jackie’’s husband John is also a respected labor organizer, a trustee representing his union. In Sacramento, Jackie will fight for a living wage and robust workplace safety for every Californian, from the fields to the factory.

Keep our communities safe

Jackie will ensure that local communities have the resources they need to prioritize public safety from every direction. This includes enriching opportunities for youth before, during, and after school, greater mental health investments, crisis responder support, and greater connections between law enforcement and the communities they serve (community policing). Jackie supports common sense gun safety laws and will champion efforts to reduce gun violence in our region.

Defend civil rights for all

Jackie is proudly pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ+ equality, pro-racial justice, pro-immigrant, and pro-worker. She will fight for a California where everyone can pursue their passions and dreams without fear that their rights will be trampled.